• ‘No man, no cry’

    Life as it is after abandonment.

    Ever since ‘first generation’ immigrants flooded into the Netherlands, involuntary abandonment has occured. It is common with women immigrants who have no independent entitlement to enter the Netherlands. They are brought to the Netherlands by their husbands, who have both Dutch and Morrocan citizenship. Often there is abuse and inequality in the relationship. When the husband wants to end the relationship he sends his wife, and often also their children, back to Morocco. There the women encounter the Moroccan law, which is not beneficial to women.


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About me

Saskia de Ruiter

Saskia de Ruiter

Freelance photographer Saskia de Ruiter, based in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, draws her inspiration from everything that surrounds her.

Saskia is a story teller. She tells stories of people. These stories are usually very personal and imposing. To sustain these stories she creates her own image based on what people tell her.

At the moment Saskia is working on a project about women who are forced to be independent and creative within a culture that forces women into a subordinating position.


Contact Details

  • e: saskia@saskiaderuiter.nl
    t: 0031 629506585